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Monday, April 21, 2014

Register for Cooking Classes 2014

Register for Cooking Classes by Pinsa's

The cooking abilities are not enough, it is important also to teach cooking ways and techniques enthusiastically

Opening Times

COOKING SCHOOL MO. - SA. 11.15 - 14.30

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RESTAURANT MO. - SA. 17.30 - 21.30 ONLY FR. UNTIL 22.30

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 Here is our "Gourmet Pizza": fresh ingredients, freshly prepared Italian quality products, first choice flours (biological), extra long fermentation (up to 72 hours), oven temperature to 400 degrees

We have 51 guests online

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One of the best pizzeria in Alkmaar is open by Pinsa's

Our students have make the course of professional pizzerias with our school and he has just opened a pizzeria that is becoming popular in Alkmaar!

Info: thups.nl

Thups: One of the best pizzeria in Akmaar is open by Pinsa's

Click here to see all photos about the course

insa's in the World Pizza Championships 2014

World Pizza Championship 2014 - Danilo's Pizza of the contest (it's our pizza of the month!)

Pinsa's in the World Pizza Championships 2014

World Pizza Championship 2014 - Danilo's competition (click here to see all photos)

Pinsa's in the World Pizza Championships 2014

World Pizza Championship 2014 - Marie's competition (click here to see all photos)

The largest competition of its kind in Europe, Giropizza, organized by the leading Italian food magazine,  it's a touring competition that takes place every year between October and March in different venues around Europe.

Europe's pizza bakers show off their skills - finals of the European Pizza Championship at INTERNORGA 2014.

Europe's master pizza bakers have display all their skills at INTERNORGA 2014, with pizza salami, funghi, margherita - battling it out live for the title of European Champion at the "Giropizza d'Europa". The exciting finals was feature the winners of the qualifying events in Rome, Rimini, Paris, Budapest, Amsterdam, Massa Carrara and Riva del Garda, putting the spotlight on Germany's favourite dish.

Giropizza 2014 by Pinsa's

Here you can see the pictures

Giropizza 2014 by Pinsa's

This year's jury was composed also with the owners of Pinsa's (Pizza school and Pizzeria in Amsterdam)

Here you can see the pictures

Giropizza 2014 by Pinsa's

Finals of the European Pizza Championship at INTERNORGA 2014 – Hamburg March 17th

The winners
  1. Favaro Daniel (Italy)
  2. Sposetti Luca (Italy)
  3. Cornovaglia Pascquale (Germany)
  4. Masson Sebastian (France)
  5. Mangione Giovanni (France)
  6. Rossini Paolo (Italy)
  7. De Silvestri Federico (Italy)
  8. Sabattini Giorgio (Italy)
  9. Morra Valentina (Italy)
  10. Diana Nicola (Germany)

Neighbour food market by Pinsa's

Every 3rd Sunday of the month from 11.00-17.00 @Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

Good-food & Good-times at the market! Food en vintage.

Come for brekkie, lunch or an afternoon snack and stroll the NeighbourFood & Flea Market

Schedule Westergasfabriek:

NFM Weekender - Theme Le Jardin!

15 March: 12:00 to 22:00 (Le Buffet Dansant: 19.00-22.00)

March 16: 11:00 to 18:00


April 20

on May 18

June 15

July 20

August 17


Between 11.00 and 17.00 meets young, old, brackish and fresh each month on this market where the good-food vendors and the city come together.

A platform for caterers, bakers, butchers, celebrated local chefs, cheesemakers, sausage grinders, juice pressers, soup kettles, sandwich heroes, avid foodies, baristas, gentlemen of the tea, enthusiastic producers and distributors, you name it.Ieder that good food and drink offering, which is prepared with love & a prime story.

(click the picture to watch the video)

Neighbourfood Market Amsterdam

The market often equal to = 'shopping', but, on the spot eating, tasting, drinking coffee, gossip, meet and hear the stories behind the food, which is the market too. Or, that was definitely the market in the good old days.

See you in the Westergasfabriek!

web: neighbourfoodmarket.nl

facebook: Neighbourfood

spaghetti al dente with tomato sauce and fresh basil by Pinsa's

The problem with this dish has always been that, although very easy to prepare and simple, it changes totally if the right ingredients are not used or the cooking time of pasta is exceeded. Italian tomatoes - fresh, canned or from the piennolo (deeply flavoured, fleshy cherry tomatoes, ripened in clusters, at once richly sweet and tart), durum wheat spaghetti, pure extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil are the ideal ingredients.

Serves 4

  • 400 gr durum wheat Italian spaghetti
  • 2 cans of Italian peeled tomatoes (San Marzano PDO) – they can be replaced by 600 gr tomatoes from piennolo)
  • Fresh garlic
  • 5 spoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  • Fresh basil


  • In a large pan lightly brown the fresh garlic in the extra virgin olive oil (avoid burning it or it will taste bitter and not right)
  • Add the tomatoes, cook at medium heat for 8-10 minutes
  • Cook the spaghetti al dente, drain them and toss in the tomato sauce for 1-2 minutes over medium heat
  • Put the spaghetti in individual previously warmed plates; add some sauce, a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and a couple of fresh basil leaves on each plate
  • Serve warm

You may add some grated Grana Padano PDO cheese, a rather common habit in some Italian families, but the original recipe didn’t include it.

(from:  GVCI - Virtual Group of Italian Chefs)

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