Pizza workshop

Italian pizza making lessons, learn to make pizza in cooking!

If your passion is pizza, join us for our extraordinary immersion in "La Pizza Italiana"!.

Make pizza in oven with our professional pizza chef, called a pizzaiolo. During our 2-hour private class, you’ll learn how to make tender, flexible yeast dough that stretches to almost paper-thinness, even the trick for a flavorful yet light tomato sauce. Even if you bake pizza in your own oven, these techniques are universal and using them really makes a difference.

With the pizzaiolo, you’ll make your very own pizza, you’ll stretch it, sauce it, bake it, slice it. It will be the best pizza you ever tasted, and you made it yourself!

Prices from: € 39.00 per person (excl. BTW)

  1. From 25-40 per pers. € 39.00 (excl. BTW)
  2. From 15-24 per pers. € 42.50 (excl. BTW)
  3. From 01-14 per pers. € 680.00 fixed price (excl. BTW)

Time: 11.15am-13.30am (2 hours)

Course registration: lesson (click here)

We can organize a party or workshops for Companies with a cooking class:

on Saturday (minimum 10 people, maximum 40 people) - only for Lunch.
on Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday (minimum 20 people, maximum 40 people) - Lunch / Dinner.

Information public transport: Bus 22, 48 and 353. Tram 3, Haarlemmerplein stop and take bus 22

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