Fresch Pasta worshop

Discover the antique Italian tradition of pasta made by hand

Learn to make pasta in just 120-minutes with these express Italian cookery classes. These fun Italian cookery lessons pay particular attention to pasta. Pasta making is a tough skill to crack, but once mastered, opens up some great culinary opportunities where you can impress your dinner party guests. Once you have mastered making your own pasta, you can quickly and easily make a variety of fresh pastas. With a little imagination and creativity you can create delicious meals in no time.

Fresh pasta can be made into a variety of shapes, although not as many as dried because you are limited by the cutting tools that you use. However, by making your own fresh pasta, you can create an unlimited variety of flavors by tailoring the ingredients to flavor your fresh pasta any way you desire.

With this course you can learn how to:

  1. Making fresh pasta by hand
  2. Preparing your pasta dough
  3. Rolling the dough with your hand and with the pasta machine
  4. Cutting your Pasta The lesson is followed by a meal of the dishes prepared.

Prices from: € 39.00 per person (excl. BTW)

  1. From 25-40 per pers. € 39.00 (excl. BTW)
  2. From 15-24 per pers. € 42.50 (excl. BTW)
  3. From 01-14 per pers. € 680.00 fixed price (excl. BTW)

Time: 11.15am-13.30am (2 hours)

Course registration: lesson (click here)

We can organize a party or workshops for Companies with a cooking class:

on Saturday (minimum 10 people, maximum 40 people) - only for Lunch.
on Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday (minimum 20 people, maximum 40 people) - Lunch / Dinner.

Information public transport: Bus 22, 48 and 353. Tram 3, Haarlemmerplein stop and take bus 22

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